Help us to provide organic sustainable food for the Hawaiian community! Our mission is to expose our local community to a sustainable way of agriculture & to bring knowledge of local growing food systems to the island of Oahu. 

There is a growing demand for local, organic produce throughout the State of Hawaii and Mahina Pua Farm plans to produce over 49,000 pounds of organic produce over the next 3 years to help meet this demand with your help in the Hawaii Kai area!

We are raising $50,000 for the downpayment on the farm and property so we can continue to expand our organic local vegetable and fruit produce for the greater Oahu area. 



Mahina Pua Farm is an existing company, previously named Mohala Pua Farm; 2016.  Owner, Vanessa Hunt-Jansen has been growing vegetables for 30+ years and has recently completed the GoFarm Hawaii Agriculutual program and has gained more on-farm technical experience and business education to continue to grow a small-scale farming operation in Hawai’i.  

Vanessa Hunt-Jansen - has a B.A. in Physical/Forensic Anthropology and Photography from the University of North Dakota with additional focus in Geology, Biology and Sculputure design. Vanessa has a Teaching Certificate from Antioch New England where she completed her SIS research on Biodynamic Farming and Gardening with children grades K-12 in 2010.  She has had training in Permaculture & Biodynamic agriculture and theory since 1999 and more recently through the Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento under Harald Hover 2016.  Vanessa has developed several school gardens since 2008.

Vanessa and Christopher Jansen owned and operated a grocery and frozen food home delivery business from 1999 to 2007. 

Our experience and vision has evolved into a focus of growing the food for the people we live with and the community we love.  Help us to build this endeavor and fullfill our mission to feed Hawaii and bring sustainability to our state!

For more information visit, email or call 808-754-6122


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